Fathers insight

Happy Fathers’ Day!

I salute all fathers and the families who help us along the road… the road is not always easy, AND it is always worth, and it is always a team effort!

Fatherhood is amazing, and Sometimes full of challenges. Today I will glean some wisdom from a car…? (Seemed appropriate)

Human Beings are uniquely able to take-on and overcome inordinate amounts of stress and even to turn it to our advantage!

Think of yourself as a Lamborghini!

You are at the pinnacle of performance at high speeds and high RMPs you are designed to cut through the air pressure, turbulence, and rip around obstacles ahead of you; as a matter of fact as the air pressure becomes harder; you lower your center, and twist the adversarial resistance to press you tighter to the ground for better traction, and unbelievable speed!!!

The Lamborghini, nor any race level automobile does this in a vacuum…

A successful racing team is made up of the right driver, sponsors, and pit crew! We all need the support of the ones we love to maintain our high performance vehicle, and press on to accomplish great feats, overcome barriers, accomplish goals, and thrive!!! Yes! We are not here to merely survive; we are meant to thrive!!! Look around you, recognize your pit crew, maintain a balance of health AND acceleration!


Go run your race!!!

Kick the wind out of today’s stress and be stronger for what tomorrow brings!



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